«Il tempo è breve; chi insegue l’immenso perde l’attimo presente»

Il tempo è breve; chi insegue l’immenso perde l’attimo presente.
Euripide (486-406 a.C.), Le Baccanti

I read The Bacchae in high school, during my Jim Morrison obsession. Morrison identified with Dionysus. He got into Dionysus through Nietzsche, whose ethos balanced the Dionysian artistic drive with the Apollonian drive for order. You can see all of Morrison’s person bound up in this Nietzchean idea of Dionysus: the music as ritual, the lyrics (always calling for people to follow him, to let him fuck them, and for them to kill the father figure), and a stage persona that basically revolved around trying to seduce and screw the audience.
James Franco on New Orleans Dionysus (2013)


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Brian De Palma, Dionysus in 69 (1969) con The Performance Group