«The rest is negotiation»

MARK O’BRIEN: What happens when…?
CHERYL: What happens when what?
MARK O’BRIEN: When people become attached to each other.
CHERYL: What people?
MARK O’BRIEN: Just people…  What’s the chemistry in it all? When people are attracted to each other
CHERY: Are you attracted to me?
MARK O’BRIEN: God, no.
CHERYL: Ha-ha-ha.
MARK O’BRIEN: I’m just talking hypothetically.
CHERYL: Hypothetically… they write poems. They have sex.
MARK O’BRIEN: And what happens next?
CHERYL: After poetry and sex? Nothing or everything. The rest is by negotiation, as it were.
MARK O’BRIEN: What do you mean?
CHERYL: I mean, you can leave it at love and attraction… or you can make things complicated, like most people do.
MARK O’BRIEN: Have you?

Ben Lewin, The Sessions (2012) con John Hawkes e Helen Hunt