«I think we should… be together»

RUTH: You look lovely. Hmm. Sexy. I bet you bake great cakes.

RUTH: It’s over.
P.J. WATERS: No, it’s not… Ruth.
RUTH: Look. It’s all wrong. I’m ashamed I tortured you. It’s all defilement.
P.J. WATERS: I liked it. I think we should… be together.
RUTH: No. No. I’m lost. I’m completely lost.
P.J. WATERS: We’re holding hands. We’re… We’re sticking together… Why, why don’t we get married? Why don’t you marry me? Be my bride.
RUTH: No, no, no, no!
RUTH: No! No! Don’t! Don’t! You’re mad. Let me go! Get off me! Stop it! Stop it! Leave me alone! You’re hurting me!
P.J. WATERS: Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Shit. Oh, shit.

Jane Campion, Holy Smoke! (1999) con Kate Winslet e Harvey Keitel; musiche di Angelo Badalamenti