«Una volta c’era solo l’Oscurità: adesso la Luce sta vincendo»

The emptiness that we confess
in the dimmest hour of day
in Automatown they make a sound
like the low sad moan of prey

The bitter taste the hidden face
of the lost forgotten child
the darkest need the slowest speed
the debt unreconciled

These photographs mean nothing
to the poison that they take
before a moment’s glory
the light begins to fade

The awful cost of all we lost
as we looked the other way
we’ve paid the price of this cruel device
till we’ve nothing left to pay

The river goes where the current flows
The light we must destroy
Events conspire to set afire
The methods we employ

These dead men walk on water
cold blood runs through their veins
the angry river rises
as we step into the rain

These photographs mean nothing
To the poison that they take
The angry river rises
As we step into the rain

The Hat (ft. Father John Misty & S.I. Istwa), The Angry River

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