«Comic, violent, sexual and romantic»

Amore chiama amore. Non è tanto importante essere amati, quanto amare, con forza e con tutto il nostro essere.

Constantin Brancusi, Aforismi, 104

Walking To Paris, from British auteur Peter Greenaway, biopic of sculptor Constantin Brancusi, is being made with Dutch producer Kees Kasander. The film will focus on the 18 months when a 27-year-old Brancusi walked through Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France.
The film is due to begin shooting this month in Switzerland.
Speaking to ScreenDaily about the feature early this year, Greenaway said: «Along the way, living off the land as his years of being a shepherd boy had taught him, he had adventures – comic, violent, sexual and romantic – and certainly formative of his future sculpture, constantly building sculptures out of found materials – wood, stone, sand, snow and ice – leaving a trail of abandoned experimental temporary sculptures across the landscapes of Europe».