Learning is the prize

STUDENT Yeah, so what’s the prize we’re gonna get for learning this poem?

LOUANNE Learning is the prize. Yeah. Knowing how to read something and understand it is the prize. Okay? Knowing how to think is the prize.

STUDENT I know how to think right now.

LOUANNE Okay. Well, yeah, well, you know how to run too. But not the way you could run if you trained. You know, the mind is like a muscle. Okay? And if you want it to be really powerful, you got to work it out. Okay? Each new fact gives you another choice. Each new idea builds another muscle, okay? And it’s those muscles that are gonna make you really strong. Those are your weapons, and in this unsafe world I want to arm you. And that’s what these poems are supposed to do? Yeah.


Dangerous Minds (1995), regia di John N. Smith, dal libro autobiografico di LouAnne Johnson, con Michelle Pfeiffer